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  • Why is your milk and cream can be stored for so long? Do they have preservatives?
No, “Chudskoe Ozero” TM products do not contain preservatives. Long-term storage is provided by the most advanced method of product processing, UHT, and its aseptic package. During the UHT cream (milk) is heated to 135-150 °C for a few seconds, so that all harmful pathogenic bacteria and spores, as well as enzymes that can spoil the milk, die. During production, the product is packaged in sterile conditions, which eliminates the possibility of re-contamination. This is why you can store our cream and milk at room temperature for several months.
  • What is carrageenan? Is it harmful?
Carrageenan is a natural gelling agent obtained from the processing of red seaweeds by extraction method with subsequent purification from organic and other impurities: multiple deposition, filtration and washing. Carrageenan has been used as a food additive for over a hundred years, it is safe for health. In addition, it is believed to have a number of unique useful properties: the main benefit of this substance is to detox the human body from toxic impurities and chemical bio compounds, including heavy metals. Besides, it has been proven that carrageenans are not allergens, they exhibit antiviral, anticoagulative, antibacterial and antitoxic effects. We use carrageenan in very small quantities as a consistency stabilizer in the production of full-fat UHT cream. Carrageenan has a neutral flavor and smell, it has no foreign flavor, it does not affect the flavor of the finished product.
  • Can cream be frozen?
No, organic cream should not be frozen, it would destabilize the cream, and fat and water fractions can be separated during defrosting. However, finished products that contain cream (for example, mousse cakes) can be frozen, because in this case, the cream is “protected” by other ingredients.